Rug Zombie
Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead.

Out With the Old

Scheduled Multiplier Reduction December 5th on the following GRAVES;

  • Fairmoon Uncommon moved to NFT only (0x multiplier)
  • Fairmoon Rare moved to NFT only (0x multiplier)
  • Monsterslayer Rare moved to NFT only (0x multiplier)
  • Vikingswap Rare moved to NFT only (0x multiplier)
  • Pantherswap Legendary moved to NFT…

Ahhh. The smell of burning in the air. It is finally time for that wonderful part of the year, where the burns are big and often. This is a holiday season for zombies across the planet.

What Can We Expect from this Holiday?

Not to worry dear undead friends. We…

Is it Zom Himself?

Occasionally there comes along a project that RugZombie simply MUST collaborate with. Black Eye Galaxy is one of those projects.

A comprehensive NFT gaming ecosystem, BYG is creating a truly inspired NFT gaming ecosystem that will be cross-chain, and partner with many other projects in the space.

Rather than simply…

Rug Zombie is pleased to announce our latest NFT auction will be going live tomorrow, Tuesday, 16 November 2021 at 12pm EST. This will be the latest entry in our Patient Zero, and we are pleased to reveal, in all it’s glory, our Patient Zero Gamma NFT

This amazing piece…

With so much attention surrounding the “Squid Games” phenomenon and the unfortunate rug pull of Squid Games Token (no relation to Squid Stake), just seeing an ocean creature can cause some reluctance.

Squid Stake is not one you want to miss however!

What is Squid Stake?

This project was the…

Rug Zombie

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