Weekly Dev Notes — 9/21/22

Rug Zombie
1 min readSep 21, 2022

All has been relatively quiet on the Dev Front, a telltale sign that our team is hard at work, heads down, building!

The Living Dead Partnership!

We are excited about the recent trading contest for the Living Dead NFT collection. Part of our trading contest is meant to to instill curiosity in this collection.

We are actually integrating this NFT collection into Patient Zero within the next calendar week.

Stay tuned for details on this as it develops!

ZOM Development

We are making a lot of progress on ZOM development with the recent addition of a sound designer to make our audio track for the game. Things remain on track with our development, and we have even begun posting preliminary game rules here:

ZOM Gitbook

Private Beta

We are firming up all the details for our private beta launch and will announce them soon once we have finalized a plan.


Some of our concepts for marketing are evolving! Soon we will be building a custom bot, “the intern” to help manage community led, and community designed marketing campaigns.

If you are interested to be an “intern” (community leader) let us know in telegram or discord!