Dev notes Sept. 14 2022

Rug Zombie
3 min readSep 14, 2022


Dev Notes


Every week, we try to keep you apprised of the inner workings of the team. During development and building phases, our team can keep our head down and build, but we understand that this can cause our focus to shift away from communication.

In an effort to make our building more transparent, here are the weekly dev notes.

ZOM the Game

ZOM Development

Our team is working furiously to deliver our private beta round in October. We look forward to sharing the game with the community during this new season to give you a chance to put all those ZMBE NFTs to work.

More details are coming on the game itself, for now, we are working on polishing the game logic and importing our existing visual assets into the build so our beta version is playable and enjoyable.

We don’t think we will require the use of ALL your NFTs during the private beta. The Beta Pass will be enough, as we will use this season to orient players to the gameplay itself, and prepare you for the public beta round which will incorporate the deck builder function and more.

Beta Passes

We are also preparing to release the details of our beta pass release. We know the estimated mint number, and the estimated price, but are working right now to get a select few whitelist partners.

The goal of our beta round will be to get the beta version in the hands of as many players as possible!

beta pass mockup

New Graves

You may have noticed we are releasing less graves than we generally due during this bear market season. To be honest, we are not quite on pace with the number of mints we are generating on some of our cards, so are a bit slower to release new graves. Recently, we launched the Celsius grave. We do have another grave coming end of this month, and will have more consistent grave releases after the beta round begins.

Patient Zero

Our Patient Zero game has undergone a MASSIVE update on the game engine. The newer version is in testing mode, and will be live VERY SOON, with some new NFT prizes, updated content, easter eggs, and our first ever partnership with another NFT project for a Patient Zero integration.

More details on this coming soon!

Team Health

Our team is strong and healthy, and we are currently fielding some contract development work to supplement the game build and deepen our experience and connections with other partners. If you are a crypto-team in need of some dev work, don’t hesitate to reach out! As our schedule allows, we will gladly support the build of safe and interesting projects.

Interns Unite!

We will end this update with an invitation. As we prepare for a new season with a live game, we are preparing to launch a new way of marketing and creating leads for spawning pools and partnerships. We are looking for energetic people to join our “community leaders” group as interns.

Being an intern gives you the chance to earn ZMBE in exchange for completing tasks, and even earn BNB with no caps. If you are interested, reach out in telegram or DM on twitter.



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