Our “Effective Altruism” Grave

Rug Zombie
2 min readNov 10, 2022


Photo by Stephen Radford on Unsplash

Just wow. This last week crypto has been quite literally one of the most stunning of all “black swan” events.

We won’t take the time to rehash the work of others such as Bitboy Crypto and Coindesk, but the total collapse of the FTX and SBF empire has the entire industry reeling, licking wounds, and wondering what is next.

RugZombie is here to remind you that even what bad juju happens in the crypto world, we will be here building and issuing dope NFTs to make your heart happy.

FTT Grave Incoming TODAY

This NFT is released as a part of a new series “Black Swan”. The Black Swan NFT for this release is subtitled —“Out of the ashes beauty will rise.”

And in the spirit of “effective altruism”, we made this a “burn grave”.

To access burn graves, no token is required, although there is still a small deposit fee.

To acquire the NFT, deposit our minimum ZMBE amount. The grave will be live for 30 days, but the NFT timer is set to 35 days. This means in order to actually mint this NFT, you need to burn ZMBE.

The more ZMBE burned, the faster the NFT is minted for you. Burning ZMBE in this grave reduces supply and you can speed up your timer 1 hour for every 500 ZMBE burned.

This Grave will be in our #graves section at rugzombie.io/graves