Patient Zero x The Living Dead x Exclusive Content Sept 20, 2022

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About the Integration

  • TLD Holders have 7 Days free access to the Game. After 7 days, you need a BASIC ZMBE NFT to enter and play. Don’t worry, these NFTs are easily earnable at or purchased on for relatively cheap (~2USD). They are very cheap and there is plenty of time to get them.
  • TLD NFTs are used to access a unique quest that is ONLY available for TLD holders. You can trigger this quest in the “WILD SANDS” area, which requires you to complete the first section, called “the catacombs”.
  • The quest will be triggered ONLY if you currently hold a TLD NFT.
  • The quest requires you to venture around the text based world solving puzzles and defeating monsters.
  • Upon completing the quest, users can optionally mint an exclusive NFT. This NFT is playable in the game, and also will be a card playable in our upcoming featured Card Game, ZOM.
  • The TLD quest must be completed in two parts: the first part is meeting the requirements on the WILD SANDS, and the second part will happen in another dungeon that will be created soon. Stay tuned for details!
  • TLD NFT holders in PART 2 can earn LOOT DROPs of AMULET SHARDS in game. These amulet shards are dropped at a 15% drop rate on select enemies. Amulet shards will be used later to craft/earn powerful items.




Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead.

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