Rug Zombie
2 min readSep 15, 2022
image captured from thelivingdeadnft.com

Zombies everywhere rejoice! The Living Dead (TLD) NFT collection is being integrated into our mini-game, Patient Zero (Ø) on Monday, September 19th, 2022.

To celebrate and inaugurate this integration, we are starting a trading contest that begins on September 20th, 2022 at 12AM UTC.

The Living Dead Trading Discount & Contest

Beginning September 20th, and Ending on Oct 20th, ALL TLD NFT holders will receive 50% of trading fees on the Oblivion.art marketplace when buying and selling NFTs.

This trade discount applies automatically for ALL NFTs traded and sold on the market. Trading on Oblivion allows users to have the LOWEST FEES on BNBCHAIN (1%) which are even lower by holding a TLD NFT. In addition to this, all trades executed in BNB are further rebated 50% in ZMBE tokens for you to claim.

Confused? Here is an example:

Bobby sells an NFT for 100$ on Oblivion.art. Because he has a TLD NFT, his trading fee is already .5%, or 50c. It would have been 1$ otherwise.

Furthermore, half that cost will be rebated to Bobby in ZMBE tokens at the time of purchase, earning Bobby 300 ZMBE (at time of writing). This ZMBE can be claimed, staked, or can be accrued over time as Bobby continues to trade.


If all this were not enough, From September 20th to October 20th at 12AM UTC, the Oblivion.art platform is running a trading contest!

The highest 10 wallets of trading volume who hold at least 1 TLD, will receive an exclusive ZOMBIE TRADER NFT, a rare Zombie NFT that is playable in ZOM and Patient Zero, currently with less than 20 mints total.

In addition, the top 5 wallets of trading volume who hold TLD will receive 25,000 ZMBE each (~40USD at time of writing).


The NFT above is a playable/ownable in game NFT for both Patient Zero and for our upcoming game ZOM. The NFT currently has 34 mints total, and after this contest there will be a total of 44 NFTs of this kind, talk about rarity!