ZOM Beta Pass is LIVE 10/20/22

Rug Zombie
2 min readOct 20, 2022


It’ here! Our ZOM Beta Pass NFTs are arriving today. Here is everything you need to know and some expectations for the beta launch season of ZOM, our featured TCG for the rugzombie.io ecosystem.

Minting Details

ZOM Beta Passes are ERC721 NFTs that will begin minting:

10/20/22 Between 4–6PM EST

1200 Max Supply

.05 BNB minting price(~13$ )

Purchase on oblivion.art/zom

Beta Game Details

Our ZOM game will go live for beta-testing access on October 21st. This ensures that anyone who wants to play has plenty of time to mint their beta pass before the game begins.

The game is available online at zom.rugzombie.io

Building In Public

We want to remind our community that a beta game is not the same as a “general release”. Our team believes in the idea of “building in public”, where we can iterate on features and parts of the game in real time, allowing for user generated feedback, debugging over the course of time!

Part of doing this phase is to have transparent and open community communication regarding the gameplay and user experience.

Be warned, this is NOT the complete game.

Beta Roadmap

Here are a few features that we will release for testing during this beta phase:

  • Tutorial level 1a-1c
  • Deckbuilding Feature (limited card selection)
  • New Card Releases for balance testing
  • Levels 1d-1f and play to earn mint exclusive
  • Single Player Mode (simple ai battle)

Play Details

You will be able to access the game at zom.rugzombie.io and the game requires no download. The only necessary element of the game is the Beta Pass NFT itself.

During this first beta testing phase, we do not require users to hold the NFTs for in game play other than the beta pass.



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