How to Stake on RugZombie

One of the most common questions we receive at RugZombie is how to stake $ZMBE for NFTs and $ZMBE yields.

If you ever had a question like that, this post is for you.

But first, let’s get a bit deep;

why is staking?

RugZombie is a yield farming platform allowing our users to recover losses incurred in Defi by rugged & dead projects. We are like Doctor Quinn, traveling the Defi prairie looking for some bones to mend.

Because RugZombie is a Yield Farming platform, users earn additional $ZMBE rewards by staking in our pools. In addition, this is our primary way of earning NFTs on our platform.

If you have been rugged (or even if you haven’t) you can come over and earn $ZMBE + NFTs. This guide will cover how to stake in our GRAVES, TOMBS, and Spawning Pools. We will use our GRAVES as a reference, as the process remains the same in the TOMBS and Spawning Pools.



This is obviously necessary to stake on our platform as all our GRAVES (NFT staking pools) require $ZMBE to enter.

We made this guide to help you.

Visit Dapp Page

Toggle to our website ( select “Launch App”

Once you are in the app, select the type of staking you are wanting from the side bar;

Graves are for rug-pulled tokens and are single asset staking pools. You stake $ZMBE to earn $ZMBE + NFT.

Once on the GRAVES page, select the GRAVE you prefer to enter. Please note, most graves require you to hold the “rugged token” of which the GRAVE is associated with. You can also toggle through the GRAVES based on their NFT rarity.

common, uncommon, and rare RugZombie graves are open to all users and are upgradeable.

As an example, here is our “pantherswap grave”

this grave requires a user to hold $PANTHER to enter

For the purposes of this guide, we will enter our “common $ZMBE grave” as it is open to every $ZMBE holder. There are 4 (four) simple steps.

The first thing to do is to “approve ZMBE” contract to interact with your wallet.

Next, you need to “Sacrifice ZMBE”. On rugged token graves, this step will require you to sacrifice a rugged token (such as $PANTHER). If you do not have ZMBE in your wallet, it will prompt you to purchase some.

You must then Unlock the GRAVE with a deposit fee. (Be sure you have enough BNB in your wallet for this step or it will throw an error).

Once you have unlocked the grave with the deposit fee you can now stake the minimum amount (1000 $ZMBE) or more to earn additional $ZMBE and this begins your NFT timer.

You will notice 2 (two) timers on the right hand side of the card; the first is how long it will be before you can mint/claim your RugZombie NFT. The second timer is our activated early withdraw fee. This is only incurred on early withdrawals before the designated time.

When you NFT is ready to be harvested/minted, this display will show as follows; “NFT is Ready”.

Additionally, when the early withdrawal timer has cooled down, it will display, “No Withdraw Fees”.

Simply harvesting or withdrawing any amount will automatically add the $ZMBE and mint the NFT into your wallet. Congratulations!


Our TOMBS operate in much the same way with fewer steps;

  1. There is no need to deposit a rugged token for verification as these TOMBS are only for our LP tokens.
  2. There is NO DEPOSIT FEE assessed for TOMBS.
  3. The withdrawal cooldown timers are set differently on each TOMB, please take note of which ones to use. Our Autoshark TOMB for example has 0 (zero) early withdrawal fees.

Our Spawning Pools only require $ZMBE and a small deposit fee. But rather than harvesting $ZMBE and an NFT, users will harvest our partner project tokens and an NFT. As an example, our Autoshark Spawning Pool will emit $FINS in exchange for staking $ZMBE.

We hope this guide is helpful to you in your DeFi journey. We know that RugZombie is pressing the boundaries of how staking works and will always continue to innovate to make our platform simple, even if under the surface it is quite complex.

Zombie On!



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