Zombie Farm

This project may have the name “Zombie” in it but it’s not even related to us. We don’t even know how they got the name as obviously Zombie is trademarked by our team (or so we would like). Zombie Farm was a DeFi farm where users could gain high risk-high reward tokens by yield farming. They hosted layered farming-three different tokens including: Zombie ( Not our token) Mummy, and Phantom which was a privacy coin. They also had mini games that utilized and rewarded NFT’s to their players. The final nail in their coffin was the release of a “stable coin” ZUSD, upon which they pulled the rug.

And now the Zombie Farm is DEAD! If you deposited tokens on their site, the tokens are gone, but may be recoverable through emergency withdrawal sites. The site is gone, the games are gone, their social media is gone, everything about Zombie Farm is gone!

According to Reddit user Klebe25 “ Main dev opened Vaults staking, locking funds for 7 days in exchange for minting Zusd, the project stablecoin, with really big apr´s. The day it was supposed to free the funds and list Zusd in Hotbit for trading, he deleted all social media and disappeared. Vaults stated a 2% deposit fee but actually had a 99.98% fee.”

In other words the Dev pretended to allow users to stake crypto for a new upcoming Stablecoin called $ZUSD but instead he just ran away with the tokens. What a crook!

In the meantime, the real Zombie team is here to help. Take your rugged Zombie Farm tokens, buy real Zombie Tokens ($ZMBE) and stake both on a grave. After an allotted amount of time you shall not only receive more $ZMBE but also receive an NFT commemorating this rug pull. Normally, we give a zombie version of the rugged tokens logo but this one is a zombie. But what is a zombified zombie? So meta.

Originally published at https://www.publish0x.com.



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