We are excited to announce our focus on security, transparency and trust in our community. Ask anyone in the Zombie Horde and you will find that our community is the most transparent, and positive in the cryptosphere.

However, in an effort to attract new users and increase the transparency of our team and efforts, we are launching our TRUST US campaign.

During this campaign, new development on future features will be halted: here are the plans for this campaign. You can see live progress on these on our gitbook.

  • Locking Our Migrator Code with a Custom TimeLock/SafeOwner Code (done, see here)
  • KYC for our core founders with an outside firm (still in conversation with various firms about this)
  • KYC for all contract devs on our platform utilizing blockpass.
  • Announcing and Subsequently Locking our Liquidity
  • AMA in our channel along with increased public visibility for our core team
  • Application of Newest Audit Process with another firm.
  • Some interesting MAUSOLEUMpieces to celebrate our progress in this regard.
  • Some Sponsored Press through trusted media outlets about our project

Please Read Below about each of these issues:

Migrator Code

We agree with the assessment given by RugDoc that considering the current climate of DeFi, the best practice is to force users to migrate their LP tokens manually rather than employ the migrator code function to do so. Our team did not lock migrator code intentionally upon launch because of some development related questions and our intention to migrate LP to other AMMs, however upon review, we agreed to deploy a safe owner contract that would render the migrator function inaccessible to our devs.


Our core founders worked anonymously together and doxxed with one another at launch. Key members of the founding team have subsequently KYCed with various publications. Simply put, our identities are not quite a secret. Our core founders are in talks with several reputable or established firms to KYC with them for extended trust for our community. We do however prefer to remain anonymous to the general public at this time. We hope that our KYC endeavors demonstrate efforts to be good zombies.

Additionally, our contract developers are now required to KYC with our core team using blockpass and since the beginning, we have not contracted any code to a dev who is unwilling to KYC with us. It was a non-negotiable for us from the start.

Locking Liquidity

We did not lock our liquidity at launch, for our liquidity was ultra low (about 10 BNB). The majority of our LP is provided by users and in that manner we are truly a defi product. We chose to keep our liquidity unlocked because our desire has been to consider other AMMs or move to our own. Locking our liquidity would have caused an unfortunate delay in these efforts.

As we get closer and closer to our AMM solution, we can now announce that subsequent to a move, we will lock our LP. Honestly, this isn’t really that big a deal for us, as the amount of LP we started with is small. We did not lock this on launch because our low liquidity was marginal compared with the community provided LP. Locking this small amount of LP is inconsequential and after weighing the options, we thought it would be a good faith effort on the part of our devs to do so.

AMA, Press and Visibility

We do intend to begin more intentional press, AMA and visibility efforts as hearing our voices and seeing partnerships with others is another key to demonstrating transparency.

Stay tuned for those details. They will be announced sporadically as the partnerships unfold.

Celebrate with Us

For these milestones, we will be releasing a set of auctioned NFTs. As always, our NFTs will have meaning in our game and merch ecosystem. We thought this would be a fun way to commemorate this new season with RugZombie team.

Zombie On!

-The Undertakers

Originally published at https://www.publish0x.com.



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