WalletNow X Oblivion: ChainWatcher NFT Collab

Oblivion Marketplace is excited to introduce a wonderful new collaboration with WalletNow with our first ever Oblivion NFT Launch: The ChainWatcher.

About the Collab

With the launch of our new NFT, the ChainWatcher, ChainWatcher NFT Holders will enjoy a special benefit from the moment they mint their NFT, primarily, to receive active monitoring on offers listed on the oblivion NFT marketplace. Here are a list of upcoming utility features of this NFT:

  • Active Oblivion NFT Marketplace monitoring subscription for 1 year with walletnow.net
  • Game integration with RugZombie.io in both Patient Zero and Upcoming (untitled) Card Game.
  • Future white-lists for new collections
  • Chance to earn Free Diamond Tier for life (1 winner in 1st 100 mints)
  • Chance to earn Free Diamond Tier for 60 Days (10 Random winners from entire collection: 5 from first 50 mints, 5 from second 50 mints

Minting, Finances and NFT Information

LAUNCH DATE: Friday, May 20th, 2022 1PM EST

This NFT is a utility NFT for the above mentioned features. The collection will include:

Supply: Unlimited NFTs as this is a utility NFT, Walletnow Subscription enabled upon purchase.

Price: .15 (~45USD)for first 50 mints

.18 for the second 50 mints

.25 for all subsequent mints

The Funds acquired from this collection will go to the following:

50% — Walletnow Team (covers the cost of AWS and other infrastructure fees for active monitoring)

50% — Oblivion NFT Marketplace Team for developing the NFT

Active Monitoring with WalletNow

For Diamond Tier Holders of WalletNow (WNOW), you can already enjoy nearly real-time updates on your offers listed in the Oblivion Marketplace without the aid of this NFT.

Simply enable ‘active monitoring’, and you should receive a notification within 1 hour of offers made.

Curious about enabling crypto active monitoring of your portfolio/wallet using their telegram bot? You can find our more here: https://walletnow.net/

In addition, 1 lucky mint will receive free diamond tier access for lifetime, and 10 winners will receive free diamond tier access for 60 days. These perks apply to the first 100 mints.

What is WalletNow?

WalletNow is an active crypto wallet monitoring platform, indexing the blockchain’s data to give you realtime access to your wallet. This is an invaluable service for crypto-natives.

Game Integration with RugZombie

You knew this was coming. Our NFT will have a special place in RugZombie gaming world with integrations in both the Patient Zero story-MUD and the upcoming card game. Need to know more about RugZombie? You can check them out and see what they are building at RugZombie.io.

Have an idea for a monitoring feature you’d like access to on the marketplace? Let us know in our telegram so that we can add to a list of community requested features.



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