Panther Swap Post Mortem

The Panther is the king of the Aztec Jungle. The fiercest cat in the wild. The swiftest feline in South America… and the world’s SLOWEST rug pull (maybe, let us explain).

Panther Swap claims to be BNB’s first automatic liquidity acquisition yield farm and automated market maker on BSC. It has 21,000 people on Telegram and 32,000 people on Twitter; a great start for a crypto project. And then things started to get funny.

The developer started strong, but over time has become more and more unavailable until it became clear this thing was not coming back- the promised version 2 on August 20th has not launched.

Most important of all, here is the last announcement that Panther Mods made on their Telegram channel:

“WBNB jungle has been refilled in case that users can’t interact with contract directly using emergencyWithdraw function. Please unstake from WBNB jungle ASAP.”

Their platform does not seem to work. The moderators finally gave up, posting a message informing the community that the dev remains uncontactable.

Despite the primary dev remaining MIA, we cannot quite declare this a rug just yet- the developer wallet remains intact, and there is a lot of locked liquidity. Yet the value of panther has plummeted over time. It is possible he fell ill, or was mauled by an actual panther.

Nonetheless, RugZombie is here to bring some value back to Pantherswap investors.


  1. Expected Release Date: Sept. 11, 2021

Mighty Jungle cat we salute you. May you rest in peace and no longer be the terror of the night.

*For our LEGENDARY level graves, we have an increased deposit fee. This helps us to ensure that we cover the cost of the artwork; artists can range in price for commissions anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

**The RugZombie team also plans to assist and be a blessing to the admins of the PantherSwap group as they have felt betrayed and hopeless due to the inactivity of the primary developer along with their community.

About the Art

Perhaps our most ambitious piece to date, we have commissioned the artist behind Stay tuned to our socials to see this masterpiece as it unfolds. Our NFT Reveal will be sometime in the eve of September 9th.

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Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead.