Swim in the Ocean with Autoshark x RugZombie

Zombie Horde,

It is with great pleasure that RugZombie is announcing our listing on Autoshark with our BNB-ZMBE FINS LP pair.

It is no secret that we love our friends at Autoshark and have been eager to continue working with them!

Listing our LP with Autoshark comes with some perks that we are excited to share with you:

-A ZMBE-BNB FARM on Autoshark’s Farm Page: stake ZMBE-BNB and earn FINS
-120% trading rebates by trading our pair on Autoshark
-OCEAN listing on Autoshark for users to stake FINS and earn ZMBE
-Brand new TOMB for ZMBE-BNB Fins Pair with NO Withdrawal Timer.
-Upcoming NFTomb NFT exclusive for LP providers

The RugZombie team recently paired our token using Autoshark and will roll out the above features in conjunction with the Autoshark Team throughout the week.

What happens to our other pairs?

Absolutely nothing! We love our partners where we are listed, we are justing adding more friends into the zombie horde over time. As for now, enjoy the trading rebates and fresh ZMBE and FINS rewards for this new collaboration.

Originally published at https://www.publish0x.com.



Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead. https://linktr.ee/rugzombie

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