Squid Games on BSC; RARE GRAVE

Sponsored Grave by L1ght L1st who commissioned this grave. See more below.

Squid Games is a Netflix original that is a game show- meets horror story. But the real horror story is this rug pull! Lots of people played this game but just a few ran off with the money!

This project promised:

  • A series of interesting NFT’s based on the show.

But it couldn’t last! According to CBS (yes CBS!) the Website and social media was taken down and the developers ran away with the money. Rug pull! But investors should have known… you had to secure the tokens behind “anti dumping technology” which meant users couldn’t just sell them.

Coinmarketcap now suggests that the community has taken over the project on their site here, yet we can still confidently call this one a rug-pulled token, please note there are MANY squid games themed tokens, but the above CMC link will take you to the proper token in view.

RugZombie to the rescue!

This Rare Grave will be available for 90–120 Days total, after which it will be retired. Rare Graves enjoy higher APR but longer minting timers (30 days).

One of our in-house artists, @trippynaz, created this one.

Sponsored by L1ght L1st, a Launchpad project for innovative and utility driven projects

L1ght L1st is a defi project that aims to provide legitimate investment of utility driven projects through a DAO-style IDO launchpad. With their unique ecosystem, L1ght L1st’s ambitions remain on creating a suite of services that enhance the launch experience for new legitimate tokens with trusted 3rd party audits, marketing, and more. They not only offer new projects investment rounds, but services they may need to be successful.

You can see more about this wonderful project at https://l1ghtl1st.io/documentation

Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead. https://linktr.ee/rugzombie