Special Data Lab x Cake Ape


RugZombie has NOT released a launchpad for new projects (yet). But due to some special circumstances, we are excited to bring a new project to your attention!

Especially G-Fi Spawning Pool holders, this post is for you!

Our first spawning pool we ever launched was with a project called Gorilla Fi (G-Fi), a locked liquidity, renounced contract reflect token on BSC. We appreciated the history of the G-Fi story as they community resurrected from a rug pull!

The owner of the G-Fi project recently informed our team that he will be deprecating the old contract for G-Fi AND Rebranding to “Cake Ape”!

What Does it Mean for You?

Not much, unless you participated in the Spawning Pool for G-Fi. Their founder will be conducting a 1:1 token swap for G-Fi holders to receive the new token. You can find more details in their telegram.

Some of the reasons for the change, according to the token owner, is that when they launched, they did what most other projects did, locking liquidity and burning the keys and renouncing the project. This means that when pancakeswap migrated to version 2, G-FI was simply not able to recapture the momentum they had.

This rebranding and version2 of their token is important for the legacy of G-Fi to carry on.

What is RugZombie Doing to Support their launch?

We want to introduce to you a SPECIAL NFT that really has us excited.

Introducing Sergeant Ser Silverback from the Great Purge. We all know the Zombies have ruled the surface for as long as we can remember. This piece of history was uncovered recently in the Data Lab, and seems to come from the Great Purge, where the humans were finally being driven completely underground.

We don’t know much about this Human, but the Zombies feared him greatly, and we believe he was one of their resistance leaders in the war. It’s possible the entire intern program was patterned after this ser.

This Special NFT will be made available for insta-purchase in the Data Lab (catacombs section) for .1 BNB. 10% of the purchase will burn ZMBE and the remaining 90% we are going to gift to Cake Ape for their initial liquidity for launch.

The Release Time of this NFT is not yet confirmed, but check in our telegram group for the proper time.




Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead. https://linktr.ee/rugzombie

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Rug Zombie

Rug Zombie

Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead. https://linktr.ee/rugzombie

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