Same Nightmare, New Shine.

Once in a generation, there comes an NFT so shiny, so bright, that we simply must make an announcement. Or several.

Our Spawning Pools are a fantastic way for users to get exposure to new tokens without risking their base assets like ZMBE. Of course, with spawning pools, you need to do your own due diligence, and no pool is an endorsement of an outside project. We can always and only recommend people make their own decisions and do their own research!

With some of our spawning pools, the partner tokens have done great! With others, not so much.

And so, we have recently released a LEGENDARY NFT collection with some unique requirements.

NFT Conversion

Our SHINY graves require users to previously have earned or acquired the NFT for the related project. Consider these graves an “upgrade” to the existing NFTs on which they are based.

Why, you ask? Mostly because we can be certain that users who earned the NFT had been staked in our spawning pools and thus, although the RugZombie community and team is not responsible for a users decision, nevertheless they spent time farming a token that is not worth anything.

As good zombies, we wanted this act of charity to ease the pains of the Horde.

But what do they DO?

Without the full context of the Dead Games gaming ecosystem and the way the card game is intended to function, it may be hard to imagine this, however, we want to share a brief understanding on how shiny NFTs and rarity in general function into the upcoming card game.

Toeing the Line

One of the largest problems in gaming is the massive paywalls that prevent casual and hobbyist gamers from competing at the level of “whales” who have the required money to “pay to win”. This profit incentive for most games is almost inevitable for a company to make money, however, we believe we have found the way to toe the line between free to play and pay to win.

Our SHINY NFTs will have the same base functionality as their duller counterparts, with a distinct attribute that gives a competitive edge in game.

While this competitive edge might tend to privilege players who have more rare NFTs, the advantages will not be so strong as to substantially break the strategic element of the game.

Additionally, these features will be accessible in “rarity mode” while a purist strategic mode will be available that does not factor these rarities into the gameplay, thus allowing a fair model for all users, while giving more competitive players a chance to find advantages using card rarities.

A Contemporaneous Example.

Although the “Pokemon” game title is a completely different type of game in style, content, etc, and our card game takes no inspiration from that brand, there is a great parallel at least, to the rarity concept that roughly shows how something like this is done:

In the pokemon games, users generally “level up” their creatures according to predetermined effort values (EVs) and individual values (IVs). MOST players understand EVs; you level up a creature, and with that level comes an increase in certain base stats.

However, for competitive players there is a distinct advantage to using a hidden mechanic called IVs. Based on the type of enemy you encounter, players are able to raise the stats of the creatures based on some specific parameters. Competition players put in massive effort to maximize their IV values so that they have the strongest Pokemon Monsters around.

This becomes clear when casual players battle against more competitive players, as the creatures may have the same moves, abilities, and general stats, the difference in their IV values creates a distinct advantage.

Analogously, in the card game, individual cards will have pre-determined individual values that increase some of their stats, such as attack, defense, etc. ever so slightly. Players may not even notice the difference, but in competitive play, these stats will make all the difference.


We cannot overstate that these rarity differences will not affect most players in most situations in terms of gaming, but let me outline a few potential impacts this may have:

  • Higher rarity NFTs may be worth more, so it could be advantageous to collect the lower minted numbers (#1, 2 , 3, etc.)
  • SHINY cards may have additional properties that make them advantageous as well in game
  • You may not be willing or planning to compete in the card game in a competitive sense, which means you might find value in trading higher rarity cards for lower rarity cards in the short term, as you can settle for lower rarity cards knowing their functionality will basically be the same

We hope this excited you about what is coming! Zombie on.



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