RugZombie x AutoShark Swap Integration: Zombie Swap!

Deeper Integration with AutoShark COMING IMMINENTLY SOON

RugZombie Team is proud to announce the integration of AutoShark’s Swap as a Service (SaaS) on our main Dapp so that users can easily and quickly swap their tokens directly on our site!

AutoShark Finance allows DeFi applications (Such as RugZombie) and end users to integrate with its core protocol. In doing so, RugZombie can utilize AutoShark’s liquidity to facilitate trades directly on our site.

Many projects, such as RugZombie, do not have their own DEX router, and choose to use other LP services through PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, and AutoShark (we are listed on all three by the way).

For most projects, this is the cost of doing business on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). AutoShark’s SaaS is pushing the boundaries, allowing the RugZombie team to capture some value based on the trading fees along with AutoShark. Take a look at this chart;

RugZombie has chosen to set the trading fee to .13%. This allows RugZombie to allow for a consistent trading fee across all platforms (PancakeSwap has .25% as well, and ApeSwap is ever so slightly less) yet it means that the RugZombie team will actually benefit from each swap on our pair and on all pairs.

On top of this, due to our recent farm integration on the AutoShark ecosystem, we are excited to announce a trading contest (details forthcoming) on our ZMBE-BNB pair, there will be 15 top winners for our Trader Zombie NFT.

How Does This Help RugZombie and Me?

Before now, users would need to go elsewhere in order to buy/sell ZMBE or pair LP on the appropriate exchange. This integration allows our users to stay on the RugZombie platform in order to fulfill those needs. Another benefit as a user is that with this Swap as a Service, a user may swap ANY PAIR that is listed on the AutoShark Exchange. This means you can utilize the AutoShark Swap Feature without being directly on their site.

In addition, users experience virtually the same trading fees as they would otherwise, however swapping on our Zombie Swap page allows for our team to capture financial value and continue to grow as a platform!

When Is This Coming?

This feature is intended to go live last week of November! Happy Swapping and Zombie On!

!!!Trading Contest Details Forthcoming!!!

To inaugurate this integration, RugZombie will be offering 15 NFT prizes for our Trader Zombie Common NFT for a week long Trading Contest. Top 15 addresses in trading volume on our BNB-ZMBE pair on Autoshark will win a Trader Zombie NFT!




Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead.

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Rug Zombie

Rug Zombie

Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead.

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