RugZombie Releasing Ambitious web3 Gaming Project on BNBChain

Rug Zombie
3 min readSep 29, 2022
Exclusive on the BNBChain

After a year of building through a tough bear market, RugZombie, a project on the BNBChain, officially announced they will be releasing a private Beta of their upcoming trading card game, “ZOM” on October 20th, 2022. The trading card game focuses on overcoming the massive obstacles traditional gamers face when approaching web3 games.

At the same time, ZOM will offer unique blends of skill, NFT card ownership in what can be called a play, earn and own experience that focuses on “fun” as the primary litmus test of success.

“We built ZOM to solve the trilemma of pay-2-win, scarcity, and free to play mechanics. pay-2-win allows outsized rewards to players with expendable income, but free to play is hard to monetize for a sustainable game. By creating a system that rewards skill, yet has some slight advantages for strong/rare NFT cards, we think we have solved this issue so that most players will be served in our game,” said EZ, one of the founders of the project.

At present, ZOM is in private beta, and requires the use of an NFT beta pass to play. The NFT pass is usable as a collectible card-back, and gives players access to rewards and drops that are otherwise unavailable to the general public. Gameplay information is being continually added to their gitbook documents.

The team plans to solve the issue of gamers not having access to defi education and NFTs in their wallet by allowing users to play freely without need of a web3 wallet and pre-existing NFTs to get started. They hope to win over true gamers with fun engaging gameplay, creative storytelling and an overall enjoyable experience that leverages blockchain and NFT only as required.

“The mistake early web3 game projects made was to focus on financializing and blockchaining every part of the game. We are building for user experience, and eliminating unnecessary uses of blockchain and financialization so that gamers and their experience come first.”

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The team behind the project is most noted for their original creation with RugZombie, a platform for users to earn NFTs in exchange for their rug-pulled and scammed tokens. With the ZOM game in beta, victims of DeFi’s most notorious rug pulls may have some recourse:

“It’s our hope that our game and efforts with our ecosystem will raise awareness of the issue of rug-pulls, keep people safe, and most importantly, help current victims of exploits and rugs to move on from their losses. We think of it as a cathartic way to move on from a financial loss-mint an NFT and play a game, it’s kind of like therapy for the crypto degen.”

The Beta Pass functions as an exclusive card back for the card game.

It truly is a Cinderella story with the team behind RugZombie. The project fair launched with no investment, private backers, no venture capital and in the true spirit of DeFi, launched a surprisingly useful project without the need for memes and clever marketing ploys.

“We never made this project to get rich. We saw a need, launched a solution of sorts, and have remained committed to building this to serve the general ecosystem. The game is a major milestone for us. We hope the world enjoys it.”

The ZOM game will announce a public beta round in the new year, and is scheduled for general release of the game in March of 2023. The goals for the private beta round is to solicit feedback from gamers, and create awareness about the game’s general release in Q2 of next year.

You can sign up for their whitelist game pass here.