RugZombie Playing Squip Games: Retail Collaboration - RugZombie x Squip

RugZombie team is very excited to share the introduction of a retailing partner to exclusively create and print products for the RugZombie Horde.

RugZombie has always had ambitions to expand our brand beyond the crypto-market (which is niche) and especially outside the Defi sector into mainstream retail markets.

We are proud to announce the integration of Squip, a commercial retail company dedicated to bringing brands to life through the use of 3d printing and more. Squip is known for its fully licensed brands it already carries, which you can see more of on their site (you will want to see their brands, they are kind of a big deal).

Why Retail & Squip?

Our ambitions for the necro-verse are quite large. Currently, Most DeFi retail interests have remained in the infrastructure realm; payment solutions, etc. Our interests are a bit more on products, story-branding, and defi-commerce.

Squip is known for its dedication to excellence, engineering and focus on detail and customization. They are also very forward-thinking and share our philosophy of using technology (such as NFTs) to push boundaries of what is possible.

Since the beginning of our conversations, it has become clear that RugZombie’s brand would be best brought to life through Squip. The voices in our heads couldn’t agree more.

What Will This Integration Entail?

While we can’t reveal all of the plans we have concerning retail, what we can say is that Squip has the ability to bring our NFTs to life through physical real world objects. This could include but will not be limited to apparel, trading card/board game assets (boards, cards, dice, etc.), figurines, and truly anything the horde is inspired to do.

In addition to this, our friends at Squip intend to utilize RugZombie’s NFT minting capabilities in some unique ways as well in an exclusive “right to mint” arrangement where RugZombie will mint NFTs for their existing products and brands.

Some the key details are forthcoming, but for now, we wanted the world to know at least that we have this partnership going on.

When Does it Start?

We are still drafting the details of this budding partnership and our subsequent collaborations, but we will begin first with a beta test for the market, with the release of our Snider Cut Collection, bringing our Chompers v1-v3 NFTs to life.

For the uninitiated, our Chompers NFTs were brought forth with a partner project ( that to date have only provided NFT holders the privilege of owning this rare piece of defi history. Not for long!

These real world items will be sold as limited release items backed by the NFTs themselves, and profits sold from these real life merch drops/auctions will be redistributed to Chompers NFT holders.

Details of this first iteration of our partnership are forthcoming, so please be patient with us as we construct the details for you. When we know, you will know. As for now, hold onto those Chompers NFTs.




Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead.

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Rug Zombie

Rug Zombie

Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead.

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