RugZombie Joins Blockjam and Nervos Network for $50,000 in Prizes


Zombies are rolling over in their graves in anticipation of a a recent collaboration between RugZombie, Dead Games and the Nervos Network!

For the ill-informed, RugZombie’s ambition has always been to develop a strategy card game that utilizes our robust NFT collection. In partnership with Dead Games (the game studio that is building the game) and the Nervos Network, RugZombie’s Flagship Card Game will be entering the BlockJam Contest beginning on June 18th for a chance to win up to 50,000 USD in prize money.

About BlockJam

Block Jam is a virtual conference for unity game developers to showcase their games, learn about developments in blockchain gaming and more. We have much more to share with you regarding our participation in this event, including some of our developer’s participation in speaking/workshops, integration of the marketplace and the build club (of which Dead Games is a part of).

Join us on June 17-July 10th. We need your vote for our game to win!

Nervos and BSC

Naturally, partnering with the Nervos Network has multi-chain implications for RugZombie, Oblivion and our ecosystem.

RugZombie is not “migrating” off BSC, we are simply moving the direction of multi-chain support and the team behind the game development is excited for the future of Oblivion on the Godwoken Chain and the integration of multi-chain support for our game.

How Does This Affect you?

Currently, we are announcing this huge step forward for our community in anticipation of the public voting for our game toward the end of the gamejam portion of the event.

For any future integration / collaboration with Nervos Network, we will keep the Horde informed as to our progress and roadmap.



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