Ronin Gamez GRAVE Update


It has come to our attention that immediately after calling Ronin Gamez a rug pull and listing it in our GRAVES, the token contract owner turned off transfer; tldr, you cannot move the tokens out of your wallet or buy or sell.

While the timing was suspicious, we have no reason to believe at this time, that their devs even know what RugZombie does, other than circumspect timing.

Nonetheless, due to this unforeseen event, the Ronin Grave will be difficult for people to access in its current grave.

But have no fear, the RugZombie team actually foresaw and planned for events such as these!

Here is the going forward plan for this grave:

  1. We have added a $ZRONIN token (contract address: to be claimed in our “victim pools”. This page is on our front page of our dapp. Current Holders of $RONINGMZ will be able to mint these.
  2. We have additionally added $ZRONIN to our rug-roll feature. This will allow users to “roll” (ie, take your chances) to catch one from the roll!
  3. Any user who has $ZRONIN (whether from the 1. victim pool, or 2. rugroll, can list their tokens on the black market for other users!)
  4. We have created a second GRAVE to mint the same NFT, but the “rug token” required is now $ZRONIN. This means that there will be 2 Ronin Graves.
  5. We are INCREASING the rarity of this NFT to legendary.
  6. As such, we have reduced the open time of the GRAVES to 55 days, in order to ensure that 2 is the maximum possible mint for this NFT.

Thanks for bearing with us, and zombie on!



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