Retiring Graves and Grave Multipliers on RugZombie

We get a lot of questions about when and how we decide to retire graves, and how the multipliers work, so let’s answer some questions!

Let us begin with multipliers and their relation to APR:

The multiplier is about the amount of ZMBE token allocated to each grave and tomb. The APR is, on the other hand, affected by both the multiplier and the amount of LP tokens or ZMBE staked in the graves/tombs.

For example, if 200,000 ZMBE tokens are allocated to graves and tombs, then the ZMBE-BNB Tomb would be getting most of the tokens as the multiplier for apeswap tomb is currently 45x.

But, when a lot of users stake their LP tokens in a particular tomb, the APR might be still low though the multiplier is high, which is the case with the ZMBE-BNB farm.

Simply put: the multiplier is the amount of allocated tokens to the selected grave or tomb in view. APR is a reflection of what percentage yield an individual user may receive staking in that grave or tomb.


It’s no secret that there are A LOT of rugs out there. This means many graves for our team to list, but every time a GRAVE is listed, we need to allocate a portion of the ZMBE emissions to that grave. Doing so will necessarily take ZMBE away from all other graves/tombs.

TLDR: The more GRAVES we list, the less ZMBE there is for every grave and tomb.

Additionally, our GRAVES are designed by their nature to produce a certain rarity of sorts. If we allowed the graves to exist indefinitely, eventually as we added more graves, there would be no sense of rarity to the NFTs AND the emissions would essentially be so spread thin as to make them unhelpful. In essence, it is a lose lose scenario that devalues our product over time.

For that reason, our team has a process for how long GRAVES can remain in our platform before being retired and a process for APR management. Please see below:

Multipliers Base

Common — Usually 2x
Uncommon — Usually 4x
Rare — Usually 8x
Legendary — Usually 16x (excepting spawning pools)
Mythic — N/A
Biblical — N/A

We generally list the graves for a total of 4–6 months (with the exception of Legendary Graves, more info below). Every 4–6 weeks the APR is reduced by half, in order to accommodate new graves. We then finally list GRAVES as a 0x APR with NFT rewards only before retiring the grave entirely.

Here is a helpful chart:

Rare NFTs

It begins as an 8x for 30 day minting time.

Month 1 — NFT + 8x
Month 2 — NFT + 4x
Month 3 — NFT + 2x
Month 4 — NFT + 1x
Month 5 NFT Only
Month 6 — Retire

Total number of NFTs possibly available to mint: ~5

Uncommon NFT

It begins as a 4x for 14 days minting time.

Month 1 — NFT + 4x
Month 2 — NFT +2x
Month 3 — NFT + 1x
Month 4 — NFT only
Month 5- Retire

Total number of NFTs possibly available to mint: ~8

Or a common NFT

It begins as a 2x for 7 days minting time.

Month 1–2x + NFT
Month 2–1x + NFT
Month 3 — NFT Only
Month 4 — Retire

Total number of NFTs possibly available to mint: ~12

Legendary NFT Graves

Occasionally, there come along projects that were an especially “big” rug pull that we consider worth issuing a legendary grave. These legendary graves generally have very unique grave considerations, but generally speaking they follow this pattern:

90 Days, 45 day minting period. Almost all of them begin with 16x multipliers that is reduced by half at the 45 day mark.

Possible number of NFTs minted: 1–2. (2 if you are lucky 🙂)

Mythic & Biblical NFTs

Biblical NFTs are always a 1/1. There will never be more than 1 produced. Mythic tier NFTs have not been introduced into the RugZombie system (yet) but would fit between Legendary and Biblical rarity.

We hope this helps our users understand the way our team balances the APR, multipliers, and rarity of our NFTs. Zombie on!

Please note that these guidelines are not always applicable and subject to change.

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