Post Mortem on Emperor Token

Emperor Token

The Emperor has no clothes! Everyone thought this token had no value and now even a child can tell this token is strutting around naked. It’s time to assassinate this mad emperor and bury him in a Zombie grave.

Emperor Token ($EMPEROR) was set up as an NFT and yield farming project. It had a large community, a cool website and big dreams. It had interesting token economics and a system set up to punish those who sell their tokens in the first 30 minutes… until the whole empire came crumbling down.

Recently one of the main community leaders messaged on the Emperor Telegram channel and admitted there has been a rug pull.

Richie_Playa said:

Back to some facts, I looked after the marketing and branding part of the token. The technicalities were being managed by the rest of the members, Richie team supported in whatever capacity they could going to the extent of putting their good name behind this project. During the latter stages of the presale, around 200 BNB worth tokens were scammed off and some rightful presale whitelisted members who paid for these tokens could never get them. These tokens were then sold on the exchange, causing a big dump in the price.

After this, on having a word with the team, they all felt vulnerable and one at a time, flee from the scene and left our communication group. Soon, it was just me and a bunch of people I employed as mods who were left here.

On going through the contract code now, I can now tell you guys it is not at all safe to hold a single Emperor token. The contract is still managed by the devs who have run away from the scene. Yes, this project was my brainchild and I did all I could to revive this but it doesn’t make any sense when the contract and liquidity are in the wrong hands. I just want to apologise to everyone who’s suffered including my friends at Richie who put their reputation on the line for me and also to all the influencers I got on board, I’m sorry.

What RugZombie is Doing

The Emperor is dead. It’s time to bury him. We are still reviewing the contract for $EMPEROR and have two options which we are currently weighing.

  1. Deposit $EMPEROR and $ZMBE into our Emperor grave and receive an NFT in return as we do with all our GRAVES. Mourn the death of the Emperor with Zombie and receive an inheritance from the fallen kingdom.
  2. Our team will issue a $zEMPEROR token to all who currently hold $EMPEROR in their wallets and the process will be much the same after that.

We will update our socials and community at the proper time when that decision is made! Zombie On.

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