Patient Zero MiniGame BETA Release: Sunday January 9th, 2021


Our team is quite excited to present to you our BETA minigame, “Patient ZerØ”.

Dates and Time for Release

A few key times for the community:

  • Sunday, January 9th, our minigame will be released on mainnet for anyone to play! Simply navigate to our main website and you will find the link needed to play the game.
  • Sunday, January 9th at 8:30PM (CST), EZ will be hosting a live play-through on our discord channel: join us here.

Notes for Gameplay

This a a text based game. There are no graphics, no animations. Please set your expectations accordingly.

This game is in BETA. This means it is roughly unfinished, there will be feedback opportunities aplenty; please be more constructive with your feedback.

This game will be developed over the long term. This means more quests, more content, more NFTs. Content will come over time, but for now enjoy our BETA dungeon :-)

Key Wallet Interactions

As the game is available for users to play on mainnet, it will require a web3 enabled connection through your wallet of choice.

All users must hold a BASIC-ZMBE NFT to initiate the game. Other than this one NFT, the game is free to play and all necessary quests may be completed without the aid of any other NFT.

Which NFTs will be usable in the game?

For now, here is a comprehensive list of NFTs already integrated:

  • yPANDA
  • Fairmoon Common
  • ZombieSlayer
  • Data Lab
  • The Rad Chad(Uranium Finance)

Here is a comprehensive list of NFTs with integration in progress:

  • Basic Human (where do you even get this?)
  • Uncommon ZMBE
  • Fairmoon Uncommon
  • Zombie Trader
  • Mines of Mineria (MNEB)
  • Catacombs
  • yAPE
  • DragonFarm Finance
  • Meowsers
  • Whale Pass Season 1

Where do I get these NFTs I don’t have?

For our catacombs and datalab, you can always mint one over in the catacombs…

For everything else, until we have our marketplace live this month, you can find all our assets being sold on other secondary marketplaces!

Play to Earn NFTs

While the details we cannot reveal, completed our first BETA dungeon will grant a user the right to mint our first play to earn NFT. While we can’t tell you what it is, we can say that it definitely will feel good against your salad fingers. You have the option to mint or not mint this NFT, as this does require a blockchain transaction. We have made this optional so that the game can truly be a free to play experience for those who desire it.

Note: the P2E NFTs are confirmed to be used in our other ecosystem games, including our retail versions in development.

Final Thoughts

As we get ready for our release, we hope you will appreciate all the hard work and passion our team has put into this so far! We have a lot to learn, and a lot to be proud of. We hope you enjoy it!

Zombie On!

-EZ and the Undertakers



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