Pancake Hunny — A Post Mortem

Rug Zombie
1 min readDec 30, 2021


The RugZombie team wants to be clear- at the time of this writing there is no evidence of foul behavior or a rug pull on the following token. Our GRAVE is commemorating an exploit that happened.

We’ve seen them before…Pancakebunny, Aperocket, Autoshark….and now, PancakeHunny.

What Happened?

What began as a yield optimizer similar to others in the space, turned into yet another defi tragedy in the summer of 2021, a loss of 1.9 million dollars through a flash loan, executed on their UST vault.

We love yield optimizers, and $HUNNY had a vibrant community that really bought into their product. It is always tragic to watch these events unfold.

Since the exploit, the $HUNNY team has continued to develop and is even migrating into the DAO space with a new venture, yet the price has has struggled to reach all time highs.

What RugZombie is doing?

We are creating a RARE Grave for our $HUNNY Friends to jump in earn this eye candy here;

so NSFW or home.

GRAVE Details

RARE Grave — 5000 minimum ZMBE stake for 30 days to receive the NFT

Artwork done by @jussjoshinduh, our main man. We can’t wait for his private collection on our NFT Marketplace.

Zombie On!