Oblivion Marketplace Dynamics

Rug Zombie
2 min readJan 17, 2022


As we eagerly anticipate our Secondary Marketplace Launch, we expect there to be a lot of questions on “tokenomics” and “costs” associated with our market.

Here is a short breakdown of the fee structure and costs of our marketplace, and why Oblivion will become the best and lowest fee marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain.


After the comparative research, we found that most marketplaces begin with high fees and have fee structures that reward users for holding certain amounts of their marketplace native token.

Average service fees across chains are somewhere around 2.5%. Oblivion will start at 1% making us 60% cheaper than any marketplace out there on our highest tier.

This is good for users, especially as they trade higher value assets.


While many projects want to have multiple tiers, we felt like the best case for users was to have a simple tier structure that rewarded users for;

  1. Listing their NFTs for sale in BNB. If the transaction takes place in BNB, the user is rewarded with a rebate of 50% of the service fee, issued in ZMBE.

2. Holding a whale pass NFT. This will also trigger another 50% rebate of the service fee issued in ZMBE.

The bottom line is that if 1 of the 2 conditions are met, service fees are effectively .5% on our platform. If both conditions are met, the service fee can be further reduced to a whopping .25%.


With our ZMBE rebates, every time a sale is executed, the contract will take the service fee, and buy ZMBE off the open market to rebate the seller.

This places buy pressure on ZMBE for every sale executed and likely will increase the number of holders of the project steadily over time.

This action will positively impact ZMBE over time and will lead to sustainable growth of new token holders over the long haul.


One of the most exciting aspects of our marketplace will be the release of the rental market; this feature will allow users to list their NFTs to be rented to others.

Currently, renting NFTs will have value for our minigame, but our team is rapidly accelerating the functionality of our rental system to be utilized in other game and metaverse ecosystems.