NFTombs Exclusive NFTs

Rug Zombie
Oct 13, 2021

Zombie Horde,

We are excited to introduce our latest EXCLUSIVE NFT series for our Tombs.

If you need help remembering how our NFTombs work, you can see our Medium Post HERE.

Our Common NFT, she is fierce, yet soft. Her name… Zomberina

Our Uncommon NFT, he loves to punch faces, it’s kind of his thing. Zombie in a Zamboni

And Our Rare NFT, very tough, large and in charge. It is Zombie Lord.

The odds for receiving our uncommon and rare NFTs increase the more LP you hold.

Lastly, our LEGENDARY NFTs for each of the Tombs are yet to be made public.

Check the TOMBS to see the odds of rolling each of our NFTs and remember, the MORE LP you provide the higher your odds of rolling more exclusive NFTs.

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