New Zombie Horde Members & Quality of Life Updates

Zombie Horde,

EZ here wishing you the happiest of new years to 2022!

As we begin the new year, our team is proudly at work on a number of amazing features that we think will improve the overall health of our ecosystem. This is going to be more of a digest post of all the updates ongoing; we know that you guys enjoy our weekly dev notes posted, but this is a more official way of acknowledging what is coming to our community, old and new.

Post Contents

  1. Welcome New Horde Members
  2. Mausoleum and Data Lab Update
  3. Book of Zom
  4. Oblivion Marketplace
  5. NFT Headhunters
  6. Referral System
  7. Retail Game Update
  8. Patient Zero Update
  9. Merchandise
  10. RugZombie…an ECOSYSTEM

Welcome New Horde Members

Firstly, let us welcome our new horde members from our recent partnerships! We want to express to you that we know how challenging it can be to find quality projects in the space, and we believe we are one of those.

Part of being a quality project is that development happens constantly, and so we encourage you to stay up to date on our social channels, and be active in reading our documentation. As we are hard at work, we cannot always be available to answer all questions, but feel free to ask the community, search our documents (most general questions already have typed out answers) and keep learning in your defi journey.

We really value informed users at RugZombie, and have made all our posts available at so that users can earn crypto while reading!

We know you have a lot to learn and you are brand new to all that we do, and we are so glad you are here! A few things you should know right off the bat;

  • We are a serious project, and as such are not primarily concerned with token price. We do have a price channel chat in our newly created discord.
  • We are working hard to bring an excellent experience to all people in our community, and love your feedback, but please be mindful and respectful in your tone and engagement. FUD, negativity, etc. won’t be tolerated by our mods and community. We use the ban hammer often :-)
  • YOU are the Zombie Horde. More than anything, a defi project cannot run without a community playing their part. An active community is one of the most attractive parts of defi. Users can reward other uses in our telegram chat with giving a “+” to comments and earning ranks by engagement. Higher ranks will have privileges such as creating polls, able to post more content that new users cannot, etc.

Ok, on to the good ‘ol QOL stuff.


In preparation for our upcoming Oblivion NFT Marketplace, we will be deprecating our Data Lab and Mausoleum Features As of January 18th, 2022.

We will run one last Auction through our MAUSOLEUM Feature for 12 hours beginning Sunday January 16th ~2PM EST and then will reserve future NFT auctions for our marketplace, beginning with our Book of Zom Collection.

As far as the DATA LAB is concerned, this feature was intended to give early access to NFTs for purchase and has served its purpose. We will be allowing users to mint the NFTs (currently there are 3) until Tuesday of this week, and after this our Burnsgiving Collection will end indefinitely and our Data Lab and Catacombs NFTs will be released on our marketplace with a higher floor price.

This gives our users 3 more days to instant-purchase the following three NFTs:

  • Data Lab for .2 BNB (~350 mints left total)
  • Burnsgiving NFT “The Infamous Matos” for .1 BNB
  • Burnsgiving NFT “The Technical One” for .1 BNB


Our first RugZombie “collection” of NFTs will be released on our Oblivion Marketplace sometime after we launch and stabilize the marketplace during its initial release.

While we can’t say more about what the “point” of this collection is at this time, every BoZ NFT will be a unique mint, and auctioned on our Oblivion Marketplace.


Our marketplace is expected (we will update the community along the way) to release on January 30th. This marketplace will bring a lot of attention and we expect a lot of use out of our rental feature explicitly.

A note;

The Marketplace is intentionally branded separately from our RugZombie main brand as the use case for the marketplace extends beyond the Zombie platform. However, ZMBE holders will benefit substantially from the use of our platform. You can keep RugZombie as the best kept secret in defi while benefitting from the unique implementations of our marketplace to help support RugZombie as a whole.


We are looking to rapidly list as many quality projects that meet our standards as we possibly can during the months of February-April. If you would like to join a band of NFT Project Headhunters, we are taking early interest in the program, send us an email at with HEADHUNTER in the title.

Headhunting NFT projects means that you will help bring NFT collections to our marketplace and ecosystem and in exchange you will receive ZMBE and BNB AND a HeadHunter Zombie NFT. More details are coming soon and spots are limited. Conditions apply. But send us an email soon!


Our referral system will come fairly quickly after the marketplace is live. This system is AWESOME.

We are choosing NOT to reward users with ZMBE tokens for our referrals but with an exclusive NFT.

*Get More Brains*

For referring other users to our platform, users will be issued a BRAIN NFT. As we all know, zombies love to eat brains. In fact, our retail game will be using these brains as the “fuel” or “mana” at the heart of the trading card game.

The more users you refer, the more wrinkles you collect in your brain. The higher the wrinkles, the stronger the card.

So get ready to get you some brains and refer your friends to stake on RugZombie. More details are coming soon!


We are hard at work getting the retail game ready for beta testing. Our unity devs are working on the system, the game mechanics have been mostly ironed out and we officially just submitted for a few designs for the actual cards.

We still are expecting an end of March launch for our beta! We are hard at work with our Indie Gaming studio, Dead Games, to get this ready for launch.


We have successfully deployed the game to mainnet and early users are having some fun. We plan to expand content each month with new areas, new partner quests and update the UI along the way. Users who play now can earn a pretty exclusive NFT only available for players of the game.


We have teased the arrival of merchandising for a bit, and we are glad share that in the next 2 weeks or so, we will be hosting a test run. Anyone with a BASIC ZMBE NFT will be able to mint a sticker pack for FREE to be shipped to their home.

This system is safe for you to connect your wallet, and RugZombie will not store any shipping/address information nor will our retail partner Squip keep any of your wallet address information that you do not choose to share.

This test is intended to help us explore in realtime how our system works and will be followed by two other independent tests, using CHOMPERS V1 NFT and INEVITABLE APE NFT.


You may notice some new “brands” coming to our ecosystem. While RugZombie will always be the heartbeat behind these associated projects, we found it best to separate these endeavors, as many of our ambitions are independent of the token and farming platform itself. We are branding RugZombie as an “ecosystem” as these associated projects have different functions that are separate from our primary offerings on the RugZombie platform.

For example, Oblivion Marketplace, while supporting and help ZMBE, is not a direct offering of the RugZombie Platform per se, and is rather agnostic to the token itself and our NFT collection. We thought best to brand this separately and attach it to the RugZombie ecosystem so that it can operate independently and yet support ZMBE holders.

We hope the introduction of new names like Oblivion don’t confuse our users, we have tried diligently to explain how these projects are separate, but deeply connected to RugZombie, and will do our best to create brand awareness to the entire system.

As always, thanks for reading, and Zombie On.



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