New Spawning Pool: StreetPunks

RugZombie is excited to introduce our newest Spawning Pool member, StreetPunks!

StreetPunks is a new crypto-punks inspired and styled NFT collection on the Binance Smart Chain, evolving and adding to the crypto-punks genre, StreetPunks, imagining their future utility in the metaverse.

Details on the Spawning Pool

Our Pool will be live estimated on Dec 6th! Come and earn your $PUNKS with us today!

Our Spawning Pool will be live for 90 Days, and we have commissioned @trippynaz for this awesome piece. Unless you have some $PUNKS in your corner, it’s best to stay off the streets, they can be dangerous.

Information on StreetPunks

  • Address: 0xf428fc1126b7c1b1bd266f1e415ac05255fa7748
  • Name: StreetPunks
  • Ticker: PUNKS
  • Decimals: 9
  • Max Supply: (100 Trillion)
  • Custom Written Contract
  • 15% tax at launch, 10% marketing and 5% buyback
  • 12% tax after launch, 8% marketing and 4% buyback




Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead.

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Rug Zombie

Rug Zombie

Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead.

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