New Spawning Pool -Spartan Token ($SPA)

Rug Zombie
3 min readJan 28, 2022

This NFT is currently being worked on and will be “revealed” to the community once it is complete We expect it to be awesome!

We are excited to announce the formation of another Spawning Pool with a new great partner — Spartan Token.

What is SPA?

Spartan is a meme coin that is “the first KNIGHT reflection token.” Holders of at least 50,000 Spartan tokens get paid hourly rewards for holding Spartan. Reflection is a popular earning mechanism among memecoins, like SafeMoon and Shiba Inu. It takes a portion of the fees from every transaction and redistributes the tokens from the fees back to holders. The Spartan whitepaper advertises that the token holders will earn $KNIGHT every 1–2 hours.

This token is from the up and coming knight financial ecosystem, a DEX project on both the Binance Smart Chain and the Fantom Ecosystem.

Why partner with Spartan?

SPA boasted of a 3000% oversubscribed token launch on their affiliated DEX, comes with a doxxed team, and is known personally by some of the devs of the Knightswap project. While this is a “meme coin”, the tokenomics are a healthy injection of utility to the knightswap DEX and as such have more to offer than other traditional meme coins.

About the NFT

The NFT artwork was created by @ayazpsd. In fact, He is still working on the NFT artwork and we will do a final reveal of the NFT likely after the pool has launched! Why would we want to delay your soaking up some sweet rewards on this one?

To earn this NFT, you will need to remain staked for 45 days. This NFT will be considered LEGENDARY and will only be available from our spawning pool for a limited time. As such, it will require a 5000 ZMBE staking minimum, and when the NFT is minted, it will be used in our gaming and merchandising ecosystem.

About the Spawning Pool

This pool will be active for 90 Days. Please note: NFT minting will require 45 Days, which means you must be in the pool for at least half the length of the pool. After 90, minting of this NFT will no longer be possible, but there is a consolation prize NFT. Plan accordingly to ensure you will not miss the cutoff and become a “slow zombie”.

You may deposit or withdraw at any point of the pool’s duration, but the NFT will be rewarded only to those who meet the minimum time requirements.

Withdrawal timers, such as those in our Graves and Spawning Pools, are designed to incentivize long-term staking. Harvesting your SPA will not adversely affect your NFT timer and we encourage it!

We definitely suggest you follow Spartan’s project; Zombies can’t see the future, but we expect this project to produce some big things. Here is their telegram for more information:

Thanks, and Zombie on!

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