New Spawning Pool: Imminent (iPunks)

Rug Zombie
1 min readAug 22, 2022


We are thrilled to introduce you to a new #NFT in the Spawning Pools. The $iPunks team comes to us from the combination of $if2 and $streetpunks.

What Had Happened Was…

RugZombie provided spawning pools for the previous projects ($if2 and $streetpunks) months ago. While these projects have great communities and ambitious plans, they’ve recently decided to collaborate together and merge forces.

These projects have subsequently merged their LP together to become one stronger project, collaborating on resources and personnel and are launching their pool with us in just a few hours time.

more zombie, more punks.

About the #NFT and Pool

Of course, as always, this #NFT is intended to be playable in the upcoming RugZombie card game.

The Spawning Pool has an entry fee like most #NFT earning pools on our site — pay our starving devs for all their hard work.

Pool will be going live no later than Tuesday 11:59PM EST.

About iPunks

Check out more of what they are building here at