New Spawning Pool: EULER TOOLS

We are excited to announce our Second Spawning Pool with one of our trusted partners Euler.Tools.

What is Euler Tools?

Euler Tools is a platform to explore and discover blockchain content. With a clean, usable and responsive interface. As RugZombie has always been about transparent data and prides itself on promoting safe and healthy interactions with defi. Platforms like Euler provide users with intuitive ways to visualize data and aggregate information.

Where Did Euler Come From?

Leonard Euler is the patron saint of the platform, and Euler is laser focused on providing educational opportunities for their users and some pretty sleek features for EULER holders.

Why Select Euler.Tools?

It is no secret that RugZombie teams like to see #goodzombie behavior in DeFi. The Roadmap of Euler is quite ambitious and what they aim to provide will benefit the entire DeFi ecosystem. Particularly, we are excited for their upcoming Rug Pull detector, Liquidity Tracker, and Euler Verified projects. Simply put, what the devs at Euler are doing is a much needed advance in blockchain getting the attention of the public.

About the NFT

The NFT was commissioned by @zombaes. If you liked our Defi100 or MonsterSlayer NFTs, you are going to love it. He specializes in undead themed artwork.

About the Pool

The pool will be active for 90 Days. Please note that NFT minting will be shut off at that time. Time to MINT the NFT will be 45 days, which means you must be in the pool for at least half the time. If you deposit into EULER pool on Day 45 or later, you may not receive the NFT because the timer is set to expire upon 90 days.

You are free to deposit and withdraw at any point in the pool, but the NFT is rewarded only to those who meet the timer criteria. Withdrawing any amount of your stake will reset your timer, so be careful.

Just as our GRAVES have withdrawal timers, our SPAWNING POOLS also have these timers to incentivize long-term staking. Harvesting your reward of $EULERi tokens will not adversely affect your NFT timer in any way.

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