New NFT Grave: Horizon Forbidden Bridge

We generally like to stick with our lovely BNBChain when it comes to our graves. Occasionally (too often in our opinion), an event rocks the crypto-world in such a way that we can’t simply ignore it. (Luna and UST come to mind).

Due to the recent event on the Harmony Bridge (Horizon), the RugZombie team desired to commemorate this awful event with another grave. This GRAVE will be LEGENDARY.

About RugZombie Graves

When a new grave is created, users have the ability to deposit their “dead token” (in this case, harmony $ONE) in a ceremonial act to “bury the dead”.

After doing this step, you simply need to follow the prompts and stake your ZMBE in order to earn the NFT after due time.

For a complete breakdown on how staking ZMBE works, see HERE.

About the NFT / Artwork

We are working with one of our fave artists (@ayaz_psd) for this one. This grave will be considered a LEGENDARY NFT.



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