New Grave: Salvation Finance (SLVN)

Decentralized Venture Capital? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Venture Capital is literally the aggregation of funds into a central entity for the express purpose of owning everything.

Salvation Finance was (RIP) an experimental defi version of VC funding, attempting to bring KYCed and audited projects to a select group of investors and utilizing NFTs for their KYC process.

Someone must have clipped this angel’s wings, because the project has been left for dead. Let’s grab the shovels.

While smaller projects like this may have begun with great intentions (see their telegram and website, as no attempts have been made to take them down) many of them fall prey to the market. While our team does not know the details surrounding the demise of this one, it remains firmly in the dust.

For the interested, here is the BSC-scan information on SLVN token.

About the Grave

The Salvation Finance grave will be a Common Grave, with a 7 day NFT minting timer.

We don’t know how this zombie got wings, but let’s hope he’s not flying anywhere near you.



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