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C’mon man! It can’t get worse than this rug.

How did $RUGBIDEN start?

$RUGBIDEN was started after the news of the 46th POTUS’ plan to increase the capital gains tax on earnings from crypto-related ventures. As most meme coins, this token was started as a community token on BSC around a cultural moment.

What Happened?

The developers of $RUGBIDEN initiated a “soft rug”, where the developers hold large portions of their own token and dump on their token holders when the price is at their desired level. This was confirmed both in the price action, and in the community itself, where the devs left the channel, took down the site and left the community. Some brave community members desired to resurrect the token, but these efforts were in vain as the project came to a standstill.

This Project has been declared RUGGED by the RugZombie team.

What RugZombie is doing?

Obviously, this small token did not have a lot of holders. But we couldn’t resist a Zombie Biden NFT on our platform…to earn this NFT

Any current holders of $RUGBIDEN token will be able to stake in our RUGBIDEN GRAVE by the following process:

  • Stake a rare amount of ZMBE (there is a deposit fee on all GRAVES)

We understand that our NFTs are rare, and not everyone will be able to participate in this grave, as not everyone holds the scammed token. RugZombie is doing all we can to identify rugged projects in our post mortem assessments.

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Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead.