New Contract and Pool, Same Old Punks


We are excited to announce a new spawning pool coming your way on March 11, 2022.

Forming in a straight line.

Welcome Street Punks (V2) to the Spawning Pool

For those who were not around, Street Punks was launched earlier in the year to some good success. However, the primary team was running out of steam, and so one of their faithful and remaining project owners decided to renew the contract, update the NFTs and make sure this thing was successful. We love good restoration projects, and are glad to have these new and improved punks in the pool.

About the NFT

This artwork was done by @jussjoshinduh, our RugZombie team NFT specialist. Clearly it’s awesome. It will be considered Legendary, and the pool will last for 90 days.

Also, watch this and enjoy.



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