Zombie Horde,

As always, the Zombie Undertakers are building and building, knowing that the humans have been confirmed to be lurking in the catacombs below, and the whispers of “those above” awaking from their slumbers, it seems that good zombies must be ever vigilant about constructing new things on the road to glory.

We thought it would be helpful to share with you guys a “mini-roadmap” of features we will be adding soon. More details will be released about each specific feature as it moves from dev to production. Here is the abridged version (minus the zombie language) so you know what is happening over here!


Our catacombs feature will have MANY exciting section including our “rug roll” and our “data lab” where certain NFTs are available for instabuy (no NFT in any grave will be listed here, only new and exclusive NFTs created for this purpose).

Our first Data Leak from the Lab will include a MYTHIC LEVEL NFT with a limited hard capped supply.

Our Rug-Roll will allow our users to safely “roll” their existing rugs to collect others, hopefully allowing them access to other graves. This allows users to stay on our platform and does not require them to interact with other sites to acquire the rug tokens. We noticed that many users were doing this just to collect the NFTs, and wanted a safer way to do it. This implementation will also help us take a step toward creating a safer defi space (details will be released later) so stay tuned on future versioning of this feature!


Yes, that is right. With our new TOMB feature, LP providers will be able to mint EXCLUSIVE NFTs only available for LP providers- with a catch. Each time a user “mints” an NFT on their TOMB, they have a chance of receiving a common, uncommon, rare, or legendary NFT. These NFT options will be added to, removed etc. along the way, keeping the incentive for LP providers to earn them all!


Wen you say? Very soon. Our WHALE GRAVE operates in the same way as our regular graves, requiring a sacrifice of our BASIC ZOMBIE NFT. The ZMBE deposit however is a hefty 500K ZMBE tokens and the minting timer is 90 Days, yikes. Our APR will be consistent with our other RARE graves but the WHALE GRAVE will never change multipliers notwithstanding any drastic considerations. There are some VERY EXCITING perks that come along with your WHALE CLUB NFT. This would be a good NFT to aspire for. Some of the details we are still nailing down so if the exact specs here fluctuate a bit, show us some kindness.

We cannot reveal most of the perks of the WHALE GRAVE without spilling hot goss on secret features in development but here is one:

Our WHALE PERK pool will allow ZOMBIE WHALE NFT holders to mint an additional NFT each month without the need for staking ZMBE and paying deposit fees.


This one can be a gimmick for a lot of project. I mean, who really wants a t-shirt from a rugged project? But what if…well, we won’t say anything else. Our first iteration of our MERCH will be a teaser, a test, an exclusive trial run. We think the Horde is really going to like our merchandising store plans.


All these features will come alongside the high holiday season for Zombies as we celebrate BURNSGIVING, a community led burning season that reduces ZMBE supply while allowing for some pretty sweet NFT minting mechanics.

That is all for now, get ready for BURNSGIVING and the above new features. Above all else, let’s remember to #cleanupdefi and #zombieon.

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