Market Gotcha Down? EZ here with the Holiday Hopium You Need!

EZ Here,

Wanting to send a friendly not-financial advise encouragement to Zombies everywhere as we head into a choppy, and seemingly downtrended market during the holiday season. I’ve been feeling very paternal as of late, so wanted to send a heartfelt message to Zomboys and Zomgirls everywhere.

Bull or Bear, RugZombie Don’t Care

As you know, we don’t really concern ourselves with short term price at RugZombie. We are a long term project with a strong core team, solid fundamentals, ambitious goals, and stellar partners. Simply put, we care more about the project and development related features than we do about short term price action! We are laser focused on providing utility for NFTs in innovative and boundary pushing ways!

But we do understand that many in our community do care about market conditions in the short term! Market cap is, generally speaking, a reflection of community sentiment surrounding a project and the market overall! When the market bleeds, it hurts, especially if you hold smaller cap tokens, you tend to feel the downturns the most.

Combine this general anxiety in the market due to outside forces with the holiday cash-out where people are realizing gains for shopping AND beginning tax preparation, it is understandable why market participants are nervous!

HODL Obi Wan Kenobi, It’s Your Only hope!

I just wanted to offer a simply holiday message of excitement for what is to come. 🙂 If you are a $ZMBE holder, we have big new years plans (hope you will join us live on Dec 29th, in the evening 8PM EST on telegram). We think our community will be VERY excited about the developments we have regarding our marketplace, gaming, and more. We will reveal our 2022 roadmap at that LIVE session on the 29th.

From a tokenomics perspective, our team thinks we are right where we want to be! We are not worried about rampant emissions (remember our goal of being emission neutral?), we are not worried about project funds (we are slightly ahead of schedule for our project to pass our breakeven point!).

Remember, we fair launched this project, did not solicit early investor funds or try to do a presale! This requires a different orientation toward success!

Market-cap, and daily trading volume are lower than we would want, and exposure has not quite hit the mark, but again, most of this is an expression of market sentiment and is not controllable by our team!

We have adjusted some minor portions of our release schedule in accordance with the market (not any major changes such as games, just grave release timing as an example)

Some Holiday Cheer and Hopium

When things seem quiet, you can bet that our devs are hard at work, delivering on our roadmap as we have each and every step of the way (I think we have delivered 95% of what we have stated, with a few delays do to thoughtful consideration rather than inability to perform).

We also want you to know we are actively looking for and preparing to hire a marketing director for the project and all our related ecosystems! We think this will help our community have even more confidence in a downtrended market. We are also very close to officially having a front end react engineer as a full-time hire which should accelerate development even faster.

We are early on development of our upcoming NFT Marketplace. Our marketplace is a major product that we have always intended to be one of the more sustainably income-producing parts of our ecosystem. Our Marketplace will boast of features that are unseen (or at least rare) so far in NFT marketplace, including RENTAL options for NFTs.

We are currently lining up a list of whitelisted, curated collections from select NFT projects for primary and secondary sales, and will have collections exclusively offered on our platform from some of your favorite Zombie artists. Oh, and did we mention the lowest fees on BSC?

Our games are all coming together rather quickly and we have some fun stuff in store for some ecosystem enhancing projects that will further upgrade the usability of ZMBE and NFTs.

There is a lot to be bullish on in my opinion.

EZ Looks Into the Crystal Ball

I am not a psychic, I cannot predict what the market brings, but I can tell you how I am personally managing my conduct as a crypto-enthusiast in this uncertain time.

  1. Personally (again, not financial advice) I am holding onto assets I believe in long term.

I don’t usually sell at a loss if I believe in the fundamentals. Selling would undercut my main thesis on an asset! For instance, I believe in the value proposition of BTC. So I don’t sell BTC at a loss because I know it will recover and I buy more BTC over time. It’s irrational to sell short term for losses when I am making long-term decisions. (I’m not a trader, as you can tell.) I’m very bullish on ZMBE so market downtrends are good buying points for me, and I do intend to keep scooping up as much ZMBE as possible along the journey.

  1. I like to remember each and every day that there is more to life than crypto! This is why I regularly take breaks, go on dates with my wife, play with my kids, feed the interns animals in my dungeon backyard.

Mostly, I get concerned when I personally take these breaks that my absence can worry our community. Too many rug pulls have begun with lack of communication. This is why we have paid moderators, multiple team members, and have given community members moderation privileges as well as frequent AMAs, articles and updates.

  1. I try to find ways to be the solution rather than complain about the problem. In a decentralized project, it takes a village (YOU live in that village). If there is something I can do for a project I believe in, I try and do it if I can. Buidling things when others are complaining is a great antidote to cynicism and fear in an uncertain market.

I offer these above things not as advice-I would never imagine telling anyone what to do with their own lives-but rather I offer them as proverbial wisdom that has helped me personally and maybe it helps you.

Thank you for the past 6 months of amazing community trust, effort and enjoyment of what we do at RugZombie! And remember to Zombie On!



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