Long live the ZMBE and condolences to the King (of the ocean)


By now you have heard the news of another major project going under water (more about that later). Autoshark (FINS, JAWS, ATLAS) are ceasing operations and allowing investors to get out while they can.

While the AS team has been great to the RugZombie community, there is understandable anger toward the issue from many community members who are in both projects; we lament the fall of Autoshark. They had a great UI/UX and even after multiple exploits, their team attempted to restore hope to their community time after time.

Chalk this one up to “failure to thrive”.

We wanted to introduce our GRAVE for the ATLAS token, going live Saturday, March 5th, 2022.

This Grave will be considered RARE and the artwork has been done by @ayaz_psd, a favorite of our community!

Down Under

This grave was not fun to dig, but Zombie will be here doing what we always do.



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