It’s time for a Totally Fungible Ape! EXCLUSIVE NFT DROP FOR LP PROVIDERS

RugZombie is excited to announce that more than half our Liquidity has been migrated over to the jungle with ApeSwap and our partnership with ApeSwap has been a highlight of our project!

One of the core values of our team is collaboration; there is strength in numbers- just ask any ape. ApeSwap uniquely provides the support and network that crypto developers dream about to truly create a great ecosystem for innovation and boundary-pushing ideas. This is why we are proud of being in the BUIDL program and look forward to the days ahead.

Now that our ApeSwap liquidity is in place, the RugZombie team wants to say a special thank you to all CURRENT and FUTURE LP providers on ApeSwap for migrating over.

On Aug 31st, 11:59 EST, the RugZombie team will be taking a snapshot of all LP providers staked in our ApeSwap TOMB. Every LP provider who is staked in our TOMB by that snapshot will be airdropped an exclusive NFT as a thank you for being a faithful LP provider.

Current LP Providers

If you are currently providing LP with RugZombie, here is some information about the drop:

  1. If you are providing LP on Pancake only, you will not be eligible for this drop. Only the ApeSwap tomb will be used for the snapshot.
  2. If you are providing LP on ApeSwap but are not staked in the TOMB, you must be staked in the TOMB to be counted in the snapshot.
  3. If you currently are providing APE LP AND are staked in our TOMB, you don’t need to do anything except zombie on.

Future LP Providers

If you currently are not providing liquidity for ZMBE on Ape, there is still time! Anyone who is providing LP during the snapshot will receive the airdrop regardless of the amount of LP staked. Come and join us in the jungle. And besides…you can always use that LP to bid in our auctions 🙂

Yours Truly,

The Undertakers

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