Introducing TWO HyruleSwap GRAVES

Did Gannon take over the land of Hyrule and rug pull or did Princess Zelda just decide to take another 1000 year slumber? Either way it doesn’t really matter if Link ends up losing all of his rupees… which he did! Did anyone seriously think Nintendo wouldn’t clamp down on this site? The amount of IP stealing on their webpage is ridiculous…. But se la vie in defi.

HyruleSwap ($RUPEE) was launched as a Uniswap cloan for BSC with a Legend of Zelda theme. It included:

  • Vaults for staking a variety of cryptos like BNB.

Here is the true mystery of HyruleSwap: was it a rug pull or just a failure?

Here is the official download from HyruleSwap telegram before it was muted:

Dear Hyruleans,

As you have noticed for a few weeks we are no longer active on our social networks. I know that this long silence has not been easy for you, but during this period we have been taking stock of the situation.

Indeed, a few months ago, our two main developers left HyruleSwap to work on a different project called ApeRocket. They are now working full time on this project and are not contributing to HyruleSwap anymore. The origin of their departure is an internal dissension within the group with two different visions opposing each other.

For a while we thought that the remaining team would be able to carry on the project, but as the weeks went by we realized that this was not feasible due to technical shortcomings on our part but also because we have a job and the lockdown has ended and our respective companies have required us to return to the office. The pressures created by understaffing, deadlines and the downward trend in the market were having a negative impact on our personal lives.

We tried to find solutions and asked external developers to join us but without success.

Today we regret to announce the end of the project and we are sorry for having betrayed your trust.

We may never know if this is an authentic rug pull but it certainly is a dead project. Regarding the authenticity or truthfulness of the above message, we cannot verify, and do not want to speculate. But what we do know is that the project has been pulled off it’s hosting, social channels shut down, etc.

What RugZombie is Doing

Link has died and his $RUPEEs are worthless. It’s time we give this hero a noble burial before he really starts to stink. RugZombie is offering not only one, but TWO listings for the two respective tokens on HyruleSwap, $RUPEE and $gRUPEE.

  1. Deposit $RUPEEs or $gRUPEEs (for verification only) and $ZMBE into our HyruleSwap graves and receive an NFT that mourns the destruction of the Triforce.

The dream of Hyrule is gone but the memory remains. Zombie on!

About the NFTs

Rugian Shield — Uncommon (staking requirements 14 days + 2500 $ZMBE)

GlitchLink — Rare (staking requirements 30 days + 5000 $ZMBE)

We do not recommend buying known scammed tokens, this is highly risky and may result in financial loss and even rewarding the scammers. Tread cautiously. You can always wait for our secondary market to buy these NFTs from others.

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Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead.