The Zombie Undertakers have been hard at work getting ready for our next big feature release; NFTombs.

It is no secret that we have been eyeing ways to deepen the liquidity pool of the RugZombie project. Our achilles heel has been that our Graves offer such great rewards in combination with NFTs, why would you want to put your funds anywhere else?

So the good intern had an idea and we actually liked it. Of course, we will take credit for it, and the intern will not receive any royalty, accolades, or trophies.


Our current TOMBS reward LP providers with the HIGHEST yields of ZMBE on our platform. Coming the week of October 10th, we will be introducing a new contract that overlays on top of our existing TOMBS.

TLDR: LP providers staked in our TOMBS will now have the ability to generate EXCLUSIVE NFTs.


Simply by entering the TOMB, LP providers are eligible to mint an NFT that will be exclusive to TOMBs. After this, every 14 Days, LP providers will be able to generate another NFT.

Simply deposit LP in our tombs, earn our HIGHEST ZMBE yields and earn NFTs along the way. What more can you ask for?


There is a bit of a twist in our tombs. Rather than provide every LP provider with the same NFT every 14 days, we have partnered with a major oracle project (that we cannot name currently for some marketing ‘reasons’) that is providing a random number generator (vrf solution).

Whenever you claim your LP NFT, it will use the random number generator to fairly and equitably issue an NFT at random based on your staked LP. The MORE LP you stake, the higher your odds of receiving LEGENDARY and RARE NFTs.

Each TOMB will consist of at least 4 different NFTs, most of them will have 5, and they will be refreshed periodically to keep our LP TOMBS exciting and new.

Common — Zombie Ballerina
Uncommon — Zombie on a Zamboni
Uncommon — Zombie Jester
Rare — Zombie Lord
Legendary — ??? (we can’t spoil this surprise now can we?)
Legendary — ??? (see note below)


ALL TOMBS have the same common, uncommon, and rare NFTs. This is to be fair to all the tombs for the most part, so that our users can LP with their favorite projects.

However, for our Legendary NFTs there is another exciting feature. One Legendary NFT will be shared between all LP TOMBS (we can’t reveal that title for now). And there will be ONE LEGENDARY NFT exclusive to each TOMB. That means that only in the ApeSwap Tomb will you be able to receive the custom Legendary ApeSwap NFT.


There are no doubt many questions and we look forward to answering them. Here are a few answers to questions we have anticipated for this feature:

  1. I already am an LP provider, will I receive my NFT? Of course! The first NFT is minted upon entry and you are already in therefore are eligible.

So go get some LP ready you are going to want these NFTs.

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