Insider Information on RugZombie’s Patient Zero Game + NFT Utility

Rug Zombie
3 min readDec 29, 2021


EZ feeling friendly. Here are some “insights” into the NFT in-game utility for Patient Zero! If you haven’t learned about our PØ game, feast your ears on our recent AMA here.

What NFTs will be used?

In short, all of the RugZombie NFTs at some point. And really any approved integrated NFT from partner projects can be used in our game. How so?…

Through our Quest as a Service option, NFT projects are able to add some nice utility to their NFT collection through our game. Essentially, our team will build custom quests, items, and in-game scenarios for NFT holders of their project. If you combine this with our rental NFT marketplace, our QaaS can take an NFT collection into utility overdrive. Stay tuned for what NFT collections we will add first. All our QaaS partners will also receive whitelisted treatment on our Secondary Marketplace.

Unfortunately, to start, our game and all assets related are compatible with BSC. Although, we are working on our cross-chain integrations and NFT bridging in the beginning of 2022, stay tuned!

How Many NFTs do I need?

We can’t stress this enough…you don’t require NFTs to play any portion of the Patient Zero game, other than our BASIC ZMBE NFT. NFTs are used to enhance your gameplay-think of this like downloadable content from your favorite “platformer” games. Or consider your NFTs like special unique items they are that allow you to receive certain items or quests in the game.

Certain NFTs, such as our yPANDA common NFT, are very accessible for users on our platform and relatively cheap to acquire. Others such as our MYTHIC level NFTs are much more rare.

Holding onto more than 1 (one) of certain NFTs will become an advantage. For example, as you encounter wild yPANDAs in the world, their coveted yPANDA fur can be used to fashion various armor and accessories. But the drop rates of these furs are directly in proportion to the number of yPANDA mints you have in your wallet at the time of the battle.

But not to worry, there will be other ways to acquire yPANDA fur for those free to play players out there, but it may require a bit more grind, and ultimately, there are a hundred different ways to skin a panda (and to play this game).

I don’t want to give up my NFTs, but what do I do when I am done playing with them!?

We know that our NFTs have other utility in the future related to our merchandising, and other games for the future. This means many of you want to hold onto all the NFTs you can. We are excited to introduce a rental mechanism in 2022 with our marketplace. This will allow you to hold on to your NFTs while also profiting off of them by renting them to others.

Can I earn more NFTs in the game?

Yes, yes and yes. Our Patient Zero mini-game is layered. It uses NFTs you own, integrates NFTs from outside collections and also allows you to earn new NFTs. These NFTs are rewards for completing dungeons and quests. You don’t have to mint them, but we figure you will want to. Each NFT mint in game has a small mint fee, but it’s nominal and you likely won’t notice it, and the NFTs are not required to continue on in the game, so feel free to skip the mint!