$FINS Spawning Pool TODAY (Friday, ~6PM EST / 10PM UTC)

AutoShark Spawning Pool

What is AutoShark?

AutoShark is a cross chain AMM and yield optimizer that provides opportunities for yield strategies and NFT farming. Most of all, AutoShark is selective about the tokens it lists for farming to help protect users. They have two different tokens; one is used for governance and the other is a utility token for NFT’s and trading fees. AutoShark is also combining DeFI and NFT’s so people can gain yield on NFT’s.

Why AutoShark?

Well, it’s no secret that we love this project. They are a gem in the crypto world. There are several different advantages AutoShark provides:

  • A solid yield optimizer that is selective in the vaults it provides.
  • Auto compounding vaults
  • NFT yield farming
  • Stake tokens to get other tokens
  • NFT’s that boost vault yields

AutoShark provides many different opportunities to stake tokens and grow yields.

About the AutoShark NFT and Spawning Pool

Stake your $ZMBE on the AutoShark Pool and hunt some $FINS tokens. Most of all gain a killer shark NFT made by @eyesoflamia (see pantherswap grave) . Scary!

Stake $ZMBE in our AutoShark spawning pool and you can earn this NFT after 45 days and it will be considered LEGENDARY NFT.

The AutoShark Pool will be active for 90 days and then the NFT minting will shut off.. This means you must be in the pool for at least half the time to receive the NFT because the timer will expire. Just as GRAVES have withdrawal timers our SPAWNING POOLS have similar mechanisms to encourage long term staking.

Harvesting $FIN will not impact the NFT staking in any way. If you want to learn more about $FIN tokenomics, check out their site, and what the difference between $FINS and $JAWS is. It was believed that the ocean was the only remaining environment for living creatures. But now zombies have taken over the ocean and we have sharks that eat brains!

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