Digging a common GRAVE for Kitty Cake! ($KCake)

Sometimes, a kitty tries to bake a cake. First it gets the eggs and mixes the shells in the bowl with the yolk. Then the kitty pours a whole bag of sugar in the bowl to make sure the cake is super sweet. Once the cake is mixed the kitty gets really hungry so she puts the temperature up to 500 degrees to bake the cake quickly. Oh no! Kitty ruined the cake!

KittyCake ($KCake) was started as a reflect token set up to reward users in $Cake. It started off with great marketing and enthusiasm, but the founder lacked the time to supervise the Kitty so he gave it to a Twitter influencer. The influencer realized that babysitting Kitty and keeping him from burning the cake is a hard job so he too let the kitty run wild…And we all know you have to watch a Kitty while it bakes a cake! The kitty needs leadership! Now one of their members @AsphyxKC (Telegram name) and his volunteer team are attempting to take over $KCake. He hopes to reestablish the coin and make it into a community token and may even use it for NFT’s. Most of all, the community will decide.

We are hopeful for the $KCake community to succeed in this effort, but still have a grave set aside for the tokens due to its checkered past. Put some $ZMBE and $KCake in the grave and get a Kitty NFT when the contract is done. We hope that @AsphyxKC is able to resurrect this project from the grave and that RugZombie brings some positive attention to it. KittyCake may have potential yet, it just needs someone to watch it bake.

Who knows, maybe one day it will be listed in our SPAWNING POOLS rather than a GRAVE.


  1. Expected Release Date: Sept. 11, 2021
  2. Minimum Staking Amount: 1000 ZMBE
  3. Deposit $KCAKE token(s) and $ZMBE into our common grave for 7 days.

About the Art

We have employed one of our favorite artists at Magniarts (https://twitter.com/Magniarts) to help us with this one! Give him a follow and a shoutout.

Originally published at https://www.publish0x.com.



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