The season of BURNSGIVING is approaching. With the smell of burning ZOMBIES approaching in the background, it is with joy our team announces a holiday giveaway beginning on OCT 30th that will last through NOV 2, 2021.

Our DoD Sugar Skull Zombies will be completely free of charge, no deposit fees, no staking to earn, just a simple swap.

“Why”, you ask? A common misconception about zombies is that they must love halloween. It’s a played out stereotype to be honest. The only stereotype that really holds up well is that zombies absolutely love tex-mex.

But we wanted to give a nod to our not-so-cultured friends; zombies are good sports about most things.

How to Participate?

We have three (3) Sugar Skull Zombies (Common, Uncommon, and Rare) that are available for trade-in. Simply trade one of your Basic Zombie, Zombie Horde, or Zombie Multiplexer NFTs for their equivalent level NFT and voila, presto, boom, there you go.

There is NO Limit Per Wallet.

Basic Zombie — Common Sugar Skull

lo basico

Uncommon Zombie Horde — Uncommon Sugar Bunch

los tigres chinos

Rare Zombie Multiplexer — Rare Sugar-Plex

la reina

The contest will run on 10/30–11/2 Eastern Standard Time EST

When October 31st arrives, you will have more than 3 days to swap the NFTs for their respective Sugar Skull NFTs.

About the NFTs

Our very own Canadian Crypto Junkie produced these epic renditions of our Basic Logo Design.

These NFTs are considered “SPECIAL” type and will not function any separately in our game to their counterparts, however, they will have the rare form of art that you see above. So while they may functional operate as our regular logo-based NFTs, we think they will be something of a collectors item.



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