Dev Notes: Resurrection 8/10/22

Rug Zombie
2 min readAug 10, 2022


It has been a while since we have posted our weekly dev notes. For that, we apologize. Writing and content has gotten far behind. In any case, we are resurrecting our Dev Notes feature.

For the uninitiated, Dev Notes are our weekly recap of what our team is working on, talking about, etc.

They don’t always come true, but we like to keep the community in the conversation.

RugZombie — New Graves, Rugs, and Spawning Pools

We will be adding some New Graves soon, receiving artwork, and working on some collaborations with new tokens in our spawning pools.

We are also monitoring rugs and hacks to make sure we can identify new graves to list.

  • Nomad Grave
  • Solana Grave
  • 3 New Spawning Pools

Oblivion NFT Marketplace

Probably the most exciting developments right now come from our marketplace side:

  • Improved User Profile Experience
  • New Collection Manager Features for Creators
  • Credit Card Payments
  • A few New Launches preparing to get ready
  • ERC1155 Support, and No Code Solutions
  • A fun super secret kinda project

Games, Marketing and Around the Eco

We have been hard at work re-engineering some of our existing stuff, especially Patient Zero and our upcoming card game.

Here are a few highlights:

  • The Living Dead collaboration on Patient Zero
  • Re-tooling our Discord and community & content strategy to be a lot more effective coming soon
  • A few ecosystem launches that we are excited to support
  • Our favorite ZMBE artist is designing EZ’s BNB tattoo (thanks CZ…)

There are a lot more things to share, but we wanted to keep it brief. See you next week for more Dev Notes!



Rug Zombie

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