December 2021 GRAVES & TOMBS announcements

Out With the Old

Scheduled Multiplier Reduction December 5th on the following GRAVES;

  • Fairmoon Uncommon moved to NFT only (0x multiplier)

ALL OTHER GRAVEs are reduced by half in accordance with our emission reduction schedule for graves with the exception of:

  • Common-Rare ZMBE NFT Graves (remains unchanged)

In With the New

New Graves coming Beginning December 5th

  • Iron Finance LEGENDARY (we have changed this from an auction to a LEGENDARY grave)

New NFTOMB NFTs coming mid december:

  • Pancakeswap Tomb will begin emitting NFTs as well, with our LEGENDARY Cake Zombie (details coming soon)

New Spawning Pools

  • l1ght l1st

New Burn Graves (NFT Only and Limited Time During Burnsgiving)

  • Bitconnect Uncommon

Are you bullish yet? Zombie on.

Bringing your rugged tokens back from the dead.