Rug Zombie
2 min readFeb 11, 2022
Polar Zombie — Just looking out for himself.

Occasionally there comes a crypto-move so ugly that it deserves not 1, but 2 graves. This is just the occasion!

While the CXCOIN telegram appears to remain active and trading still remains active, it is hard NOT to note the list of notable influencers calling “scam” on the creator behind the coin;

  • Coffeezilla
  • Bitboy Crypto
  • MoistCritikal
  • SomeOrdinaryGamers

THE TLDR on the “scam”

The creator, a gaming influencer with the pseudonym “Ice Poseidon” removed nearly 300,000 USD worth of value from the Liquidity of the token. In an interview with Coffeezilla, he claims he has no intention of adding the money back, as he has to “look out for himself first.”

This type of behavior sadly plagues the crypto community as there currently remains little recourse for would be investors to recover loses or hold influencers, token creators and developers accountable for their actions.

What about the GRAVES?

RugZombie is here to help. If you hold CXCOIN, you can deposit this in 2 graves to earn not just 1, but 2 CXCOIN related NFTs.

Our first GRAVE (the one from the image) will be an uncommon GRAVE that takes 14 days to mint. The GRAVE goes live on Friday Evening, Feb. 11 2022.

Our second GRAVE will be a Rare GRAVE, art is forthcoming and this GRAVE will be released in a few days once the artwork has been prepared. Rare GRAVES take 30 days to mint the NFT.

Social Media and the CXCOIN community

RugZombie tries to be fair and honest about what is going on with tokens, and as this token is still actively trading, we cannot fairly call this a “dead” token in the sense that it is no longer actively being managed or traded. In our social media outreach and marketing, we will attempt to speak specifically about Ice Poseidon’s involvement and focus on the influencer and NOT on the CXCOIN in general.

If you are from the CXCOIN community, we welcome you to RugZombie, the land of the (un)dead, and hope you have fun as you recover value and commiserate with the other rugged token holders.