Ahhh. The smell of burning in the air. It is finally time for that wonderful part of the year, where the burns are big and often. This is a holiday season for zombies across the planet.

What Can We Expect from this Holiday?

Not to worry dear undead friends. We bring you tidings of great joy. As Burnsgiving comes, here is what is in store for our community:

Manual Burns From Dev Wallet — Between 2%-4% of total circulating supply

Our Let it Burn Holiday Auction — This Auction will buy back burn 100% of the total raised.

New Instabuys (We will be closing our current Instabuys for the moment, and will open them up later!) to do more buy back and burns.

Some Truly Inspired NFTs.


BARRACKS for a fun, user-controlled supply of NFTs.

BLACK MARKET- because you have been waiting.

BURN GRAVES- burn zombie, earn NFTs faster.

DUNGEON- This is where they keep Patient Zero.

Integrated SWAP- Details coming soon.

Some of the features above will be quite new and deserve their own posts. Stay tuned for more details relating to BARRACKS and BURN GRAVES.

The fun part is that after a successful Burnsgiving Holiday, the RugZombie team can proudly say we have accomplished 99% of our Roadmap since our inception, on time, and with little to no issues.

It truly is a time to rejoice!